Help Articles : Your TinyLetter Account

Designing and sharing your subscribe pages

Make changes to your subscribe page by going to Design > Subscribe page, where you can edit the styles and fonts of your text, and upload a background image.

The style and formatting options all live in the toolbar and can be used to customize your subscribe page. Anytime you make an update to the page, click Save Settings in the bottom left corner to publish those to your subscribe page.

When you upload an image to be used on your subscribe page, we’ll host it for you and automatically tile it as the background of your subscribe page.


Your TinyLetter title, byline, and description will be automatically pulled in from your account settings. Change these by going to Your Profile and editing the First and last name, Newsletter name, and Newsletter description fields.

Once you’ve designed your subscribe page, you can share the URL ( or embed the signup form on your website. Find both options under Share > Subscribe link and embed code.

You can also customize the Confirmation semail people see after subscribing to your newsletter and the Unsubscribe page they see after unsubscribing. These can be customized by selecting each individually under Design.