Help Articles : Designing Your Newsletter

Adding an image to your newsletter

To include images in your letters, you can provide a URL for an image hosted elsewhere, or upload your image to be hosted in TinyLetter. To do this, click the toolbar’s image icon. This will open up the file manager window where you can manage your images, upload a new image, or provide the URL for an image hosted elsewhere. Locate these options in the top right hand corner of the file manager window.

Once you've selected the image you'd like to use, you'll be able to set the image dimensions, alt text, URL, and alignment.


Once you’ve edited your image settings, click Update And Insert and your image will be shown in the editor window.

Images should be in .jpg, .png or .gif format and no larger than 1MB. Once inserted, images should be no more than 600 pixels wide, to avoid distorting your newsletter’s appearance. You can store up to 1GB of images in your account, and archive images as needed if you hit your accounts limit.