Help Articles : Your Subscribers and Mailing List

About open and click tracking

We include open and click tracking so that you can measure your subscribers’ engagement with your TinyLetter. After each letter is sent, you can review the opens and clicks by going to Sent and selecting your newsletter—the stats will appear above your newsletter's content.

Keep in mind that these reports won’t populate in real-time, so if you don’t see any stats for a recently-sent letter, our system is likely still gathering the reports. Give it some time. 

If you’re still concerned about the reports, we may not have been able to track your subscribers’ activity. There could be a few reasons for this. TinyLetter collects opens by including a small, transparent graphic in your newsletter’s footer. When your email is delivered and opened, the image is downloaded and reported as an “open.” However, some email clients will disable images in emails sent from unknown senders; likewise, some users disable images on their own. If this is the case, the transparent image won’t be downloaded and therefore will not report back as an “open.” If you see a trend in this behavior, we recommend asking your subscribers to add your email to their address book so you’re no longer treated as an “unknown” sender.

TinyLetter tracks how many subscribers click on your links by appending our query string to all links in your letters. This will direct any subscribers that click the link through our servers before they’re taken to the destination URL. If you have trouble loading the website, check your local security settings to make sure the formatting of this URL is not breaking the link. The destination website will also need to accept query strings in order for this to direct to the appropriate webpage.