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About Prohibited Content

As an email service provider, TinyLetter has an obligation to maintain high delivery rates for our customers. The actions of a single user can impact delivery for everyone, so we enforce policies to protect our sending reputation.

In this article, you’ll learn about prohibited content in TinyLetter.
About the Acceptable Use Policy

Our Acceptable Use Policy is included in our Terms of Use and provides information on prohibited content and related industries that aren’t allowed to use MailChimp. We maintain these guidelines to protect TinyLetter as a service.

For more information, refer to our Acceptable Use Policy.

If you still need help to determine if your business or product is okay to market through TinyLetter, contact our support team.

Prohibited Content

We can’t allow any emails through our servers that violate spam laws, market illegal products or services, or that include sexually explicit content. We do allow affiliate links to be included in campaigns, but we’ll stop any campaign that links to a blacklisted URL.

About Affiliate Links in TinyLetter

Terms of Use and Anti-Spam Requirements

Prohibited Industries

Certain industries tend to send content that generates high levels of abuse complaints, which can severely damage TinyLetter as a sender.

It’s important to understand that the industries listed in our Acceptable Use Policy are prohibited because of the email content they send, and not how the business itself is run. This is policy is meant to keep risky content from being sent through TinyLetter, not to keep you from using TinyLetter.

For example, it’s not okay to use TinyLetter to market “work from home” opportunities, but it is okay to use TinyLetter to market for your business that you run out of your home.