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How to Reconfirm a List

If your list has a lot of stale addresses, you may want to reconfirm the list outside of TinyLetter. Stale addresses are old or invalid emails that haven’t been sent to in a long time, which can lead to high rates of bouncesspam complaints, and unsubscribes.

To reconfirm, you’ll remove affected subscribers from your list and reach out to them outside of Tinyletter with a link to your signup form. This removes stale email addresses and leaves only the subscribers who want to engage with your content.

In this article, you'll learn how to reconfirm your subscribers.

Note: You'll have to send your reconfirmation message outside of TinyLetter with a personal email account to protect your sending reputation. If you were to use TinyLetter to send your reconfirmation messages to unengaged subscribers, the reconfirmation message itself would throw many red flags to our Compliance Team.

Send a Reconfirmation Message

To send your reconfirmation message, create a brand new email outside of TinyLetter. We recommend that you use your regular email program and email address, so that subscribers will recognize the sender.

  • Copy the addresses from your exported CSV file into the BCC field.

  • Craft a message that asks subscribers to resubscribe to your list.

  • Include the link or links to your TinyLetter signup form somewhere in the body of the email.

  • Consider including an explanation of the types of campaign content you'll send to these subscribers. Many users send links to past newsletters, or to a new sample newsletter, as well.

Here’s an example of what this might look like: 

"Hi (First Name),

Remember us? You visited our website back on (date) and signed up for our email newsletter. We’ve finally gotten around to setting up an email newsletter program, and we want to make sure you still want to hear from us. We hope you do, because every month or so, our newsletter will include useful how-tos, tips, and advice (plus special offers like the one below). 

If you want to stay on our list, click here to renew your subscription and update your preferences! Of course, we don’t want to clog up your inbox with stuff you don’t want. If you're not interested, just ignore this message."

You're all set. As you send campaigns to these reconfirmed subscribers, you should see healthy engagement.