Help Articles : Sending Your Newsletter

Sending your newsletter from your own email client

TinyLetter creates a unique and super-secret email address for every account, which you can use to “beam in” your letters. So if you prefer to create and send your newsletters from your personal email client, you can do so by sending the message to your private address.

To find your private address, go to Username > Your Profile, then copy the unique address shown in the Send directly field.

To publish through your private address, create a message in your own email client to send to the address. Format and design it however you like, and be sure to include a subject line. When you’re ready, just hit send. We’ll create a new draft in your account and send a confirmation email as soon as it’s done.

After the draft is created you’ll be able to log in to TinyLetter to review and send your message. Or, you can reply to the confirmation email we send once the email is beamed in. To send the message directly from your email client, simply reply to the confirmation message, keeping the subject line and address field intact, and we’ll send out that newsletter to your list of subscribers . If you’d prefer to send a preview of the newsletter before the final send, reply to the email and change the subject line to preview. If you like what you see, go to your original confirmation email to reply to the message and send it out to your subscribers.

(Keep in mind that you can beam a letter into your account from any email address, but the confirmation emails and previews will only be sent to the contact email address for your TinyLetter account.)