Help Articles : Your TinyLetter Account

What is the permission reminder?

When you set up your TinyLetter account, we'll ask you to include a reminder for your subscribers about where they signed up. The permission reminder is a short statement reminding subscribers of how they came to be part of your mailing list. Subscribers can sometimes forget why they are receiving an email from you or how you obtained their email address. This can lead to reports of abuse, even if the person originally subscribed to your letter.

Some common examples of permission reminders are:

‚Äč"You are receiving this email because you signed up at"

"You are part of the Astronomy Club and asked to receive updates on our meetings."

The permission reminder can be included in your letter by using the following merge tag: *|USER:PERMISSION|*

You can use this merge tag anywhere in your messages and letters to remind people why they're receiving your newsletter.

To make changes to this reminder, go to Username > Profile > Remind your readers where they subscribed.