Help Articles : Your Subscribers and Mailing List

Importing subscribers

In TinyLetter, your subscriber list lives under your account’s Subscribers tab. This entire list of subscribers will receive any letter you send. 

You can import subscribers, but keep in mind that we require all subscribers to have opted-in to receive your newsletters before they can be added. (Imported subscribers will not receive notice that they have been added to your list.)

To add subscribers, go to Subscribers, then click Add Subscribers in the top right corner. This will take you to your account’s Add Subscribers page, where you can add subscribers using any of the following methods:


1. Copy/Paste

To copy/paste a list of email addresses into your TinyLetter account, use the Emails field. You can paste in as many addresses as you’d like, one address per line. When you’re done, click Add to list and we’ll begin the import process. 


2. Upload CSV file

If you’ve been using another email service provider, uploading a CSV file will be the best way to import your subscribers into TinyLetter. Only email addresses can be imported, so any additional details will need to be removed beforehand.

To upload a CSV file, click Browse to locate your CSV file > select the file > then click Upload and Import to start the import.


3. Import from Gmail

If you’d like to add your subscribers from a list of Gmail contacts, use the Import from Gmail option. To get started, click Connect to Gmail, provide your login information, then choose to Import all Gmail Contacts. Or choose from groups to select a group of contacts to be added.


Once these subscribers have been imported, you can view individual subscriber profiles and see subscriber activity as your letters are sent.